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Kiply Freemium

Automatic data collection
Weekly activity report

Kiply Standard Beta

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Kiply Freemium plus
Control panel
Projects creation
Goals setting

Kiply Enterprise

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Trainer and personalized ideas
Team management
and much more

Kiply Freemium

  • With Kiply Freemium you'll learn how to improve your personal and professional life with security. You only have to download the software on your devices and start gathering your data automatically. Every Monday you'll receive your weekly activity report with different aspects of your personal productivity.

  • Time graphic

    Discover what occupations you have spent your time on and learn how to better manage it.

  • Common tasks

    For you to know what you have worked most on during the week.

  • Daily evolution

    Find out which days you are most productive on and compare yourself with the average performance of other professionals.

  • Weekly idea

    A practical recommendation to help you learn and improve.