Kiply is a multi-device software that automatically measures and analyzes you activity on real time. It gives you personalized ideas to improve your personal productivity in a safe,
easy and funny way.

Our Compromise

  • Our users come first

    There's a person behind every user. That is why all our efforts are devoted to provide them with the best possible experience: easy, simple and useful. We believe in people’s innate curiosity and in their desire for self-improvement to succeed.


    Security and privacy above all

    In Kiply we believe in our users’ right to decide on their personal information. You choose the security level of your account and who you want to share your information with.


    Continuous improvement

    We strive every day to offer you quality products and services with a high added value. You trust us, so we have the compromise to always offer you the best and to listen to you to help us improve our products.


    Talent and innovation

    Our team is composed by the best professionals from different sectors that work everyday with the sole purpose of offering the best service to our users.


  • Opinions about kiply
    “Kiply has become an indispensable tool to reorganize our department processes.”

    Sandra Alonso

    Chief Financial Officer
    Opinions about kiply
    “Knowing how and where I spend my time is helping me to improve and better meet deadlines.”

    Miguel Sánchez

    Graphic designer
    Opinions about kiply
    “Our teams are much more motivated and also have lots of fun. We are selling more and we will earn more. ”

    José María Castro

    Opinions about kiply
    "With Kiply I organize my working day better and I can balance both my professional and personal life."

    Patricia Rodríguez