Transreality games blend real life elements with those of virtual reality fantasy. They gather different gaming features together by using physical experiences in a virtual environment, or by putting virtual experiences into their users’ physical environment.

New technologies allow the player to merge with the story and become a part of it in a very natural way. They completely eliminate the feeling of having different virtual and physical settings.

As stated in a study published by researchers at the University of Alberta’s Computing Science Department, “users today can easily and intuitively record their real-world experiences through mobile devices, and commodity virtual worlds enable users from around the world to socialise in the context of realistic environments where they simulate real-world activities. This synergy of technological advances makes the design and implementation of trans-reality games, blending the boundaries of the real and virtual worlds, a compelling software-engineering problem.”

Some examples

Multiplatform games based in location are the ones which better reflect the relation between gamification and transreality. For example, INGRESS is a massive role game in which the whole wide world is its game field.

Ingress combines the elements of classic games with augmented reality features by using smartphones. Players can move around their city and, thanks to this augmented reality, they can make any street, square or café their own personal game field.



Other examples are mobile apps with transreality games which use a system of rewards. These are given to players after performing different day-to-day tasks. Nicole Nash, journalist and researcher on this topic, says that this is a great idea because it combines the world of fantasy with work so that people can somehow evade their daily duties.

In the market of mobile apps, transreality may result in very interesting and valuable new ways of encouraging users’ self-fulfillment. Our daily life or work may turn into a game; therefore allow us to increase our productivity in a much more entertaining and easier way. Do you dare to play?

Translation by Susana Castro

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Image: Doctor Mobius

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