What makes us get up every morning? That’s what Dan Ariely wonders. Contrary to what we usually think, money is not everything and there are many factors that have an impact on our motivation at work. Flexibility, the possibility to conciliate or the commitment towards the company are three things that directly have an influence on our motivation.


The three keys to motivation

Through simple experiments, Ariely has confirmed that the factors influencing our motivation are more related to what our work means to us. We summarise the results for you:

  1. To see the fruit of our efforts. Getting to see the final outcome of what we have done and realising that it was important makes us want to keep on working.
  2. Seeing our work recognised. One of the key parts of motivation is to see that people recognise our efforts and acknowledge our potential.
  3. Being proud of the efforts made. We value our work in terms of the effort implied.

Our motivation in the new economy

Years ago efficiency might have been the most important thing at work. However, nowadays we live in a new ‘knowledge economy’ and it is the meaning of what we do what really motivates us. If we add meaning, identity, challenges or pride to our salary we will come up with the perfect motivation. And the final purpose is for people to be happier and more productive.

Translation by Pablo Velázquez

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Image: metrognome0

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