Wellbeing is the new trend in human resources departments in order to improve, encourage and optimize workers’ productivity. What does it exactly consists of? It’s about ensuring the wellbeing of workers so they are motivated, more loyal and productive. In short, making sure workers are happy and satisfied.

From commitment to wellbeing

Human resources departments were usually focused on encouraging employees’ commitment. But this is just one the aspects of Wellbeing:

  1. Improve each professional personal skill.
  2. Recognizing their role and importance within the organisation.
  3. Enhancing their abilities, both at an individual and at a team level and provide them with the opportunity to develop new ones.
  4. Encouraging social relations among all the members of the organisation.
  5. Making of work a positive experience in order to improve their professional and personal lives.

Hubspot example

This American company is characterised by implementing fun and flexibility at work. Watch this video and learn how Wellbeing is implemented at Hubspot. In order to ensure workers’ wellbeing, they take into account nutrition, sport and personal relations. And it seems to be working! Hubspot leads the market of content software.

Wellbeing and productivity

Examples like Hubspot’s prove that improving productivity is not about spending more hours at work, but making the best out of such hours. Happy and motivated workers are essential to a great performance.

Wellbeing policies are becoming one of the greatest catches for big companies to attract talent. Why is not the same for small companies? It’s not about size, but about implanting work methods that make their lives easier and help them think better of themselves and the organisation.

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