Admit it. Holidays are over and now it’s time to go back to routine. Your eyes are probably filled with tears as you remember your days at the beach and nights partying, but it’s time to face new projects with new energy. Going back to work after a long rest period has a direct impact on your productivity, but is it for better or for worse?

Vacation is made to disconnect

You’re not meant to disconnect only physically, but also mentally. It’s time to say goodbye to endless hours in front of a computer and a smartphone. Forget about work issues, rest and care only about yourself.

Getting away from everything is healthy. Resting time allows our body, and especially our mind, to recharge our batteries. Vacation should help you to be more motivated so you can face those new projects that are waiting for you to go back to work. This will ultimately increase your productivity.

Back to work Blues

Disconnecting is not as easy as it seems. We don’t know how to properly manage our free time so when we go back to work we feel tired and out of energy. We would need another vacation to recover from our vacation.

That feeling is related to the so-called Back to Work Blues. It’s believed to affect 35% of workers and it usually lasts for over 15 days. Common symptoms are exhaustion and fatigue, along with a lack of concentration and motivation when facing work.

Although there are remedies to overcome post-vacation blues, the solution is also the cause. So forget about the office (they’ll get along without you for a few days!) and treat yourself. On the other hand, companies should also make that possible, in addition to having wellbeing plans to counteract back-to-work stress and motivate their employees.

Whether you were able to disconnect or not, take a look at this survival guide so the first days at work are a little less bad. Because whether you are more relaxed or not, coming back is always hard.

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