The concept user experience might not sound familiar to you, but you actually know what it is. Every day we use an endless set of products and services that seem to make everything easier. On the other hand, there are others that a priori are less complex, but that need for us to do a great effort to use them. The difference? User experience.

User experience not only involves the design of our web page or of an app. The truth is that it involves any process where the user interacts with our product or service, whether it is a website, a download process or a user unsubscribing.

Thinking about the user and the context

There is a key aspect of user experience that is the centre of all the other aspects: a user doesn’t like to be forced to think. We want things to be easy and to make as less effort as possible when using them.

experiencia de usuario

Making things simple to the user, understanding what he or she wants and knowing how they will interact is more difficult than it seems. That’s where the role of designers comes into play. They use the design focused on the users in order to make their experience the more intuitive as possible.

What good does it do an amazing product design if we don’t take into account user experience? The answer is simple: it’s not good at all. It might be surprising at first, but soon users will stop using it as the product’s usability is what determines whether a product is successful or not.

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Image: Matthew Martin

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