You fill the form up and tick the box that says ‘I accept the terms of use and privacy policy.‘ It seems a mere formality, but you can actually be sacrificing your privacy. Call it self-delusion, laziness, lack of time or just unawareness: putting your security at risk is not worth it.

In the blog Terms and conditions, Jorge Morell Ramos gives us some clues about how we act when we face that omnipresent box. We all know that reading the terms of use and privacy policy clause is ‘the biggest lie on the Internet’, but there are some data that prove it. It will surprise you.

I have read the terms of use …lie!

research conducted among more than 80,000 users has proven that to more than 50% of them it takes only 8 seconds to read and accept the terms and conditions clause. So, either these people have superpowers or somebody is not reading what they accept.

What are the consequences? More than 7,500 people sold their soul to an online store by buying there and accepting their terms of use clause without having previously read it. Another famous case is that of a couple of users agreeing to give their eldest children to a company in exchange for using a public Wi-Fi network.

What if I read them?

Prepare to waste a great amount of your precious time. According to a research, if an average user reads the privacy policy of every web they visit over a year, it would take them at least 40 minutes a day!

Very long texts, confusing language and a format that makes us want to do anything but read them are some of the reasons why we accept that clause immediately. And those are also the reasons why, in case we dare to read it, we will waste a great amount of our time.

These are just experiments, but the truth is that when you accept terms without reading them, you might be accepting the company to have access, to sell or to compile data that undermines your rights.

Something seems to be wrong, doesn’t it?

As Morell says, we need a profound reconsideration. As companies, we must put great effort into giving users clearer information and protecting their rights. Moreover, we should reinforce transparency in the way we work. As users, we must be aware of what that commitment means to our security and we must report those practices we believe to be abusive. All in all, society as a whole needs to become more aware of the importance of being properly informed.

At Kiply we pay special attention to our user’s privacy. It is one of our software’s main features because we believe that improving both your personal and professional lives shouldn’t be at odds with your security. We try to make our privacy policy and legal terms as easy as possible for you to clearly understand what’s going to happen to your data after downloading Kiply.  Haven’t you done it yet? Don’t wait any longer and download it for free!

Translation by Pablo Velázquez

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