Technology is not just about products that make our lives easier; technology is a lifestyle. Alberto J. Sánchez explained in an article how it stopped being interesting only to some ‘nerds’ and became a product of mass consumption as well as a status symbol.

All of a sudden we all have wearables, we measure our activity and spend our lives waiting for new products to be launched. Beyond the sports’ world, technology has expanded to a wider sector of the population as if it were a new trend. Its importance is so big that applying it to any product is a guarantee of success.

Lifestyle and symbol of status

We don’t buy a computer, a smartphone or a wearable anymore; we buy a lifestyle, a status and a philosophy we identify ourselves with. Since technology is just the means to get the lifestyle we aim for, emotions have made us forget about functionality.

Wearables are the new technology revolution, which combines the functionalities of smartphones with those of computers. The technology we wear is the ultimate product we soon will not be able to live without.

It changes our life and our work

If technology changes the way we live and becomes a vital part of our day-to-day, it will also change the way we work. Smartphones, computers and tablets have become an extension of ourselves. They are tools useful for our work, but also a symbol of status, of who we are and of what we believe in.

We spend a lot of time using devices connected to the internet, which directly affects how we manage our time. However, measuring our performance and learning how to improve our productivity is easier than ever before.

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Translation by Pablo Velázquez

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