Do you remember when you had to make a phone call to your friend’s house if you wanted to locate him? Or when you had to look at a paper map in order to reach a place you don’t know how to? Technology has changed our lives. But not always we realize is has improved them.

For Peter Nowak, humanity is in a much better situation that it has ever been. And this is mainly due to technology. But we want to focus on what it has meant to people in their everyday life. Quantified-self, apps and wearables are the tools we need to improve ourselves every day.

  1. We are richer than ever. QS movement has come to personal finances so, thanks to different apps, we can keep record of all the movements of our accounts. And, what’s best, always having it at reach in our smartphone. But not only that. Improving the management of our time through technology also helps us improve our productivity and, therefore, to obtain greater benefits.
  2. We are healthier than ever. Over the last years, we have seen how the QS phenomenon has been connected to health. Thanks to wearable technology we can fully have control of the different aspects of our health (heart rate, hours of sleep, calories burned, etc.). Technology helps with diseases control and also helps to prevent them. Working environment or stress also have an impact on our health and technology applied to this field can help us improve both at a professional and at a personal level.
  3. We are friendlier than ever. QS is focused on personal improvement, but it also has a strong social component that encourages us and helps us improve every day. We share the achievements we accomplish along with our working partners, with our friends or with people who have the same interests than us. We communicate and keep in touch more than ever before.
  4. We are happier than ever. Improving our finances, our health and our social relations make us happier. Isn’t this just the objective of technology? Through technology, we can learn how to improve our personal and professional lives and, therefore, how to be happier with ourselves and with the world around us.

Incorporate the newest technology to your life and see the results. You just have to click and download Kiply in order to have all you need to learn about how to safely improve both your personal and professional life.

Although sometimes we get invaded by nostalgia, technology has amazingly increased lots of aspects or our life. In the end, nothing has changed. We keep working, practising sports and hanging out with friends. We do the same things, but now we have the tools to do it better.

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Image: Giovanni Arteaga

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