Human resources have always been a key element to the functioning and growth of large economic powers. If it has always been of importance, in the last years it has acquired a special relevance and has drawn the attention not only of field professionals but also of the business world in general. They have notice that motivation and satisfaction of workers are their key source of productivity.

Why coaching?

Every now and then we all need a hand that helps us and guide us. It can be at work, with our family or in any other aspect of our social life. As a company, it is necessary to provide the employees with the right tools to reach their objectives, guiding and encouraging the teams so everybody works in order to reach a common goal.

Coaching intends to instruct and train a person or team to reach a goal or develop certain specific skills by learning by themselves. This means, it looks for the more efficient way to reach certain objectives and always using the resources and skills of each individual.

Coaching and technology

In the present world, learning by yourself and finding the resources that make us reach our goals is much more easier thanks to technology. We have the tools and devices that allow us to measure our performance in real time and that provide us with a great amount of data about ourselves.

There are several apps in the market about personal analysis, time management and assessment of practices, among others. It is important for companies to adapt to a constantly changing environment and to redefine their models in based on new possibilities.

It’s not necessary anymore to spend time on endless seminars or training seasons. Endless conferences and speeches have fallen behind. Thanks to technology each employee can become his own coach and interact with his partners by managing teams and projects and by encouraging himself to reach the established objectives. Coaching is applied specifically to each user, with usability and functionality as key aspects.

To this must be added the information that companies obtain about workers, allowing them to value the effectiveness of these practices. Communication among employees and the company is placed at the same level and there are no barriers that keep everybody from knowing the tasks that their partners develop. All this with the ultimate goal of getting the right motivation to fight for a common objective.

Coaching is now closer than ever to any company and results are evident both at short and at the long term. Size, resources or the characteristics of the job done don’t matter. There are no excuses to not letting your company and workers to gain extra motivation. Excellency is around the corner.

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