The #mamiconcilia movement came from the homonymous ebook where working mothers share their experiences in terms of conciliation. After that came #papiconcilia and with it the confirmation that combining family and work is quite an adventure, both for mothers and for fathers.

There is still much to do in this field. And that’s why they work every day in order to raise awareness among workers, companies and society in general and to prove to them that another way of facing family and professional lives is possible.

From their website they make it clear that conciliation is not only a mothers and fathers duty. It is also a company’s duty as they have to guarantee the welfare of their workers. This is important not only to satisfy their workers’ needs but also because by doing so there will also be an impact on productivity.

Benefits for companies and workers

Business intelligence is also proven by taking into account people as ultimately, they are the crucial link in the chain of any organisation. There are companies that are well aware of this and so provide their employees with conciliation measures. This way they can combine their family and professional lives instead of ruling out one of them.

This is not the case in most of the companies of this country as they still follow obsolete schedules and work routines. Organisations must adapt to the reality of those who they work with. As stated by #mamiconcilia in its manifesto, ‘companies that promote conciliation measures have happier workers who, as a result, are more productive‘. Not only that. It also encourages employees’ trust and commitment, which helps to retain talent. All in all, conciliation is a way to invest in the employees’ welfare, in the productivity of the company and in the future of society.

Conciliation and technology

New technologies make it all simpler.  Only a few years back, telecommuting or multi-device access seemed to be impossible. Today, they are a reality. Implementing this type of measures helps to get rid of the widely spread presenteeism as ‘being a good professional should not be a synonym of being always present’. It is time for us to start value each worker by its real performance regardless of the working day or the number of hours spent in the office.

And that is precisely what we want to achieve at Kiply: we want to help our users to efficiently manage their time so they can spend it on what it’s really important. We look for creative, simple and fun solutions that help the objective evolution of the employees and their constant improvement. We believe in people and in their desire and ability to improve. That’s why we have developed a tool that helps our users to safely improve their professional and personal life.

It’s not only about pursuing conciliation for fathers and mothers but about pursuing the right of all people to conciliate both their professional and personal life.

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