There are times when we all feel we could move a mountain, but there are others when the simple idea of moving a finger leaves us out of breath. For this reason, the best thing we can do is to stop trying to finish the most complicated tasks and just ‘go to the mountain’. Of course, you could say mountain but also street, park or, if you’re as lucky as we are here in Kiply, promenade. Because if you want to improve your team management, you must make some change. Even in the scenery.

More productive meetings? Get out of the office!

As Nilofer Merchant says in this TED Talk, ‘Sitting is the new smoking’. Sitting all day long in front of a screen has been proven to be one of the major causes for modern diseases. So, these outdoor meetings help us kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand, you avoid routine and see everything from a new perspective; on the other hand, while you’re in movement, your health improves. There’s nothing but advantages!

  • In good weather… take a walk! Movement is your tired brain’s best friend. Walking and breathing fresh air is great to approach things differently when you have to make important decisions.
  • And in bad weather… go to a nice place. If it’s raining, a quiet café will be perfect. Try something different, e.g. a new tea variety or an exotic juice. Our brain needs to discover new things continuously to make new neuronal connections.
  • All you need is… a piece of paper. Write down the main points you need to discuss (two or three as a maximum). Even only one will be ok, just as long as you write down the parts you’re blocked at. You don’t need anything else to have a successful meeting.

Nothing like Team life

Don’t forget that team management involves much more than just organizing your daily work. It includes other aspects of life, such as social interaction, emotional bonds among team members, and any other element which is part of their lives.

Since there is no team without its members, don’t forget these two important facts:

  • There is no small talk, only ‘out of focus’ perspectives. Any conversation topic is good as long as you delve deeper than usual. Even the most trivial conversation has its own value, ranging from developing social skills to connecting emotionally with the other.
  • Stop fooling yourself: your mobile phone is NOT a vital need. Leave your phone at the office. You’re not going to get the news of a lifetime during that walk, and you know it. If you take it with you, you will just ruin that moment with unnecessary interruptions.

So, include this new definition of ‘meeting’ in your team management strategies if you want to improve your productivity. Because meetings are like everything else in life: if you’re not willing to change and adapt, don’t expect to get innovative results. Dare to take the small but giant step to run meetings in a different way. They will be much more productive and efficient. Promised!

What are you waiting for? Start moving and… get out of the box!

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