A good team management is the key to getting a strong organization. Among the tools available to create effective groups, empowerment stands out.

This technique is based on giving authority to the different work groups of a company so they can make decisions and perform tasks without having to look for approval from their superiors. This autonomy changes the traditional image of a controlling boss and transforms it into a kind of boss who motivates, encourages and recognizes the achievements made by the group.

What do I have to do to make empowerment works?

The underlying idea of this technique is that the workers who better know a problem are those who are closer to it and, as a consequence, the ones who have more chances to find the right solution.

By providing them with the information needed such as the individual task and responsibilities or a clear view of the objectives, each member of the team will have the autonomy needed to efficiently solve a problem.

Evidently, in order to face these tasks the worker must possess the skills and the specific training needed. It is also very important to create direct communication channels so the teams can know that is heading in the right direction and can solve any occasional doubt. This feedback will provide the group with confident and will avoid eventual mistakes.

Finally, recognizing the progress and achievements of the group is a must and it can be done through tangible rewards or another type of incentive. This is a way of encouraging innovation and creativity, which, as a consequence, will increase motivation. And if the results are not as good as expected, mistakes can be analysed in order to provide future solutions.

Team management advantages

The benefits of this type of management are clear. On the one hand, individual autonomy saves time as workers will have less to consult with their superior and so, they won’t have to wait for their approval. If positive reinforcement is established in each component of the company, workers will feel valued, which consequently leads to more dedication and commitment.

By encouraging the acquisition of new responsibilities, the knowledge and skills of each worker are completely seized. On the other hand, by giving workers more recognition, they feel useful and are motivated, so their commitment to the company increases.

At short-term, all these will be translated into an increase of productivity, more satisfied clients and into a general increase of the quality of the service.

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