Companies are looking for new professional profiles with transversal, creative and empathic skills. These are the so-called T-shaped professionals.

T-shaped skills

T-shaped skill is an expression than Bill Moggridge created in 1991 and, although at first it only referred to programmers, nowadays has spread to every field. We could sum it up in one sentence: knowing a lot of a bunch of things and knowing little of many things.

t-shaped skills

T-shaped skills are based on a t-shaped scheme where the vertical part makes reference to the specific knowledge of a discipline and the horizontal part refers to the transversal skills affecting to any organisation. These skills go from conflict solving to business strategy, through team management, communication or creativity.

Team management and innovation

Transversal skills combine with specific knowledge eases up the adjustment to other disciplines and knowledge interrelation. This allows T-shaped professionals to see the big picture of the job and the organisation, as well as the implications of the discipline to other aspects related to the job.

Professionals with varied experience are able to communicate easier and with more empathy as they understand better the job of the rest of professionals. They are curious and creative, that why they keep training and learning throughout their career in order to develop new solutions and to innovate.

Workers of the future will build their careers in an interconnected and constantly changing world. That’s why it’s essential for them to have a specific training and transversal skills. Only this way they will be able to innovate, build relations, investigate, be creative and strength organisation’s leadership.

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Image: Brian Talbot, inusual

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