Psychologist Paul Fraisse brought to light the importance of motivation when it comes to managing our time and being more productive:

Time has both an objective and subjective or psychological dimension, which depend upon our interest in the task performed.

Motivation is essential to do any activity, but it’s even more significant when related to our work. We all feel like time is passing faster when we’re doing something we enjoy, whereas the clock seems to stop when our task is dull and boring.

So, if a task is of none interest to you, most likely you’ll become discouraged and unmotivated. In such cases, not only will you get frustrated, but you will procrastinate.

Motivation is the key

If we take into account the Fraisse Law, it is vital to make work as interesting as possible. Apart from the motivation we may get from the company or the team we work with, it’s up to us to be able to see that every task has a silver lining and enjoy its performance. The clearer our goals are, the harder we will work in order to reach them.

Of course, it is important to like what you do, but you must also bear in mind that there will always be things that you just don’t like so much. To get them done, you must be aware of your work pace and other laws of productivity affecting your time management. We recommend scheduling the least pleasant tasks at the beginning of your workday when you have more energy. This way, you’ll forget quite soon about the least interesting work and be able to devote more time to what you really like.

Translation by Susana Castro.

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Image: Ben White

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