Going from one activity to another, again and again, makes us waste more time than it seems. That’s why the best option is to split up your activities into sets in order to be more focused and perform them easily. Focusing on doing one task like, for example, answering emails, will allow you to work faster and be much more efficient.

Fixed schedules for each task

A very practical option is to split your working hours into sets of tasks. For instance, you can save one hour a day, from 9am to 10am, exclusively to make phone calls. That way you’ll avoid wasting time checking your email every five minutes or answering to any new message that gets into your inbox. During that period of time you won’t do any other activity, so you’ll avoid distractions and you’ll focus all your attention on a specific set of tasks.

Using this trick you’ll not only more focus, but it’ll help you face each activity in a more mechanic way and, therefore, faster. The result? Greater efficiency.

Know yourself and plan everything according to your habits

Knowing how you manage your time every day is essential for you to establish a timetable and a working routine. Thanks to your Kiply’s report you can analyse your activity and schedule your day-to-day according to your data. For instance, if you need a great part of your day-to-day to answer your emails or if your job requires so, you may need two hours a day for that task.

Set weekly goals and you’ll see how once you take our advice, you’ll start increasing your efficiency. At first, it may seem hard only to focus on one task and to avoid all the distractions that surround you, but soon you’ll see that you are faster and that your efficiency, and therefore your personal productivity, has improved.

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