If you feel like you are not giving your best and you are constantly tired and stressed, have you considered that maybe you are not sleeping enough?

The culture of ‘no break’

Stress is one of the main reasons we don’t sleep well, but the culture we live in also is one of them. In our society having no breaks and no free time is seen as signs of success. Sleeping is considered to be something unproductive and that we can do without.

Productivity loss due to insomnia cost 63 billion annually to the United States. A bad night sleep has a direct impact on our performance. Regardless the number of hours we spend at work if we haven’t slept well we won’t be able to perform to our full potential. There is a false believe that when we sleep few hours we are more productive as we are busy with a lot of things. But that’s completely not true.

We have at our disposal lots of solutions that help us fight bad sleeping habits (coffee, energy drinks, etc.). We try to find a solution in the last minute instead of thinking about the reasons that keep us from sleeping well.

Unproductive consequences

We spend a third of our life sleeping. We need to disconnect and to reset our brain as sleeping has a healing function for our mind (and health) as it eliminates the waste our brain generates through the day.

Stress is one of the reasons we don’t sleep well, but also poor time management and poor healthy habits. According to a study by the University of Cambridge, sleeping less than six hours a day decreases productivity. The consequences are many: obvious decrease of productivity, exhaustion, chronic tiredness, poor concentration, bad memory and mood swings. These triggers absenteeism and also the so-called presentism, which makes us work without actually producing.

Sleeping is not a choice, it’s a need. It’s necessary for your body and productivity to work properly.

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Image: Daniel Oines

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