With so many distractions it’s difficult to focus: phone calls, emails, interruptions from your partners, improvised meetings, etc. It seems that everything around us at work is trying to keep us from focusing all our attention on one simple task. We know it may be hard sometimes, so we give you some advice for you to improve your concentration without even noticing it.

Concentration also needs training

Or concentration is the same as our muscles. We can train it and shape it in different ways so we improve our personal productivity. These simple steps will help you isolate yourself from what surrounds you and focus on what’s really important:

  1. Planning. At the end of the day make a list of all the schedule tasks for the next day. Split your big projects into smaller, more achievable ones and set a deadline for each one of them (remember saving some time for unexpected events). It’ll help you work on a more purposefully and focused way. Start with an average difficulty activity, then start with something more difficult and let simpler ones for the end of the day when you’re more tired.
  2. Rest. When planning the day, you must be aware that our brain is not able to work at its full potential for too long. The best thing for you is to split your working time into sets 25 minutes and breaks of 5 minutes among them.
  3. Avoid distractions. Try not to leave your desk too frequently or, otherwise, you’ll lose all the concentration you achieved. Try to keep control of the time you go to the bathroom, check your email or your phone. If you don’t need your mobile phone to work, silence it in order to avoid breaking your concentration.
  4. Be organised. Keep your working place clean and clear. Keep all your files and working material properly organised so you’ll save time. When possible, keep your space well ventilated, illuminated and at a right temperature.
  5. Motivate yourself. Have clear objectives and visualise how you’ll feel when you have reached them. That way you’ll work harder. Give yourself small rewards for having achieved your scheduled plan for the day.
  6. Sleep well and take care of your diet.Your physical wellbeing has an impact on your intellectual wellbeing. A healthy and balanced diet will fill you with enough energy to focus your attention. It is advisable that you sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day and for you to save some time every day to do some physical exercise. By activating your organism you’ll be more awake when you have to work.

There are several techniques to focus, but if you follow our advice you’ll soon note how your attention will increase considerably. Your concentration is also a matter of training, so begin by changing small things in your daily life and you’ll see how your capacity to focus begins to increase. Why wait to improve your personal productivity?

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