In order to be efficient in our day-to-day, we must be organised, and that involves our workplace. A messy desk surrounded by chaos will be a constant source of distractions and it’ll make us waste time when trying to find documents or information we need to develop our tasks.

Below, we provide with some advice so you can get your workplace organised. It’ll work whether you work at home or in a big company. Take this advice and you’ll see how you’ll end up working in a more comfortable and efficient way.

1. Desk

Your desk needs to be comfortable and functional. The very first thing is to adjust your desk’s dimensions to your needs. It’s not the same working just with your computer than having to make some kind of draws or sketch every now and then. You’ll new more space to do that. A wide table where all your working material is at reach will help a lot.

2. Storage

A good system to get your files organised. That will help you avoid delays when looking for documents. Try to have at a hand’s reach the things you use every day and keep everything else in drawers. If you get used to keeping everything in its place then you’ll easily find it in the future and so you’ll save time.

3. Seat

If it’s possible, it’s important for you to choose a comfortable seat as you’ll be there for long hours. A good seat must be adjustable and ergonomic so you keep the right position while doing your work. If you can, choose a swivel reclining seat with armrests. Your back will be grateful.

4. Order and cleanliness

It has been proven that a clean and tidy workplace encourages creativity. Periodically, you need to check it, keep what you need and get rid of what you don’t. There are also a few tricks to keep everything organised. For instance, it’s much better to use a notebook to take your notes than having the place surrounded by an infinite number of post-its.

5. Lightning

A good lightning is essential in order to prevent visual strain. When possible, place your desk by a window so there are no shades when you write things down. The most important thing about artificial light is for it to be well distributed. A good alternative is having a table lamp so you can focus the light wherever you need it.

6. Keep your computer organised

It’s your virtual workplace so it also needs to be organised. Keep your desktop clean and make use of shortcuts to programs and applications. A good folder management and a relaxing screen saver will improve your effectiveness.

7. Decorative items

Your workplace needs to be nice. That’s why you need to create a place where you feel comfortable. You can place pictures, decorative items, flowers or anything that makes of your workplace a pleasant place. Of course, it can’t be overwhelming. Remember that your goal is to feel comfortable but also to avoid distractions.

Put these simple pieces of advice into practice and make use of Kiply to see how your performance improves. Compare your data and surprise yourself.

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