Working as a team is hard. Dealing with everybody’s opinion is not easy and we usually make mistakes that have a direct impact on the team’s productivity. In Wrike’s blog, we can see which ones are the seven most common mistakes we make. Do you recognise yourself in these mistakes?

1. Sticking to the very first idea

When it’s about brainstorming, teams tend to focus only on the very first ideas and stop coming up with new solutions. It’s easier and faster, but not the goal.

Solution: Don’t be content with the very first and don’t start working until you all can see the big picture. During the first stages of the work you must be open to all the ideas and possibilities.

2. Not considering all ideas as equally valuable

Sometimes most of the people in the team stick to some idea despite having a different point of view. This can be due to laziness, fear to be judged or to the pressure of the rest of the team.

Solution: All of them are valuable. Don’t be afraid of giving your idea and make sure everyone else share their ideas and opinions before continuing with the work.

3. Buck passing

If I don’t do it, someone from the team will take care of it. Many people put less effort when working as a team than individually. This way, other team members will have to put an extra effort and, therefore, the productivity of the team decreases.

Solution: The best option is to split the project into smaller tasks so each member of the team can face it individually and that way making sure each one takes responsibility.

4. Conflicts without solution

Teamwork involves different opinions and perspectives; something that could ultimately create conflicts. Although these conflicts can be solved through good communication, the best option is to avoid them.

Solution: Specific objectives must be established and everybody must understand their role within the team so misunderstandings are avoided.

5. Everything that confirms my point of view is the best option

We tend to accept the information that fits our point of view and  we directly reject what contradicts us. This is an important obstacle to decision-making.

Solution: Question everything you believe in and try to see things differently.

6. I support your idea because I like you

The way we think of someone directly affects the way we interact with his opinion. Misunderstood comments or a poor initial impression can make you be automatically more critic to a partner. And also the same way around. When someone you like shares your opinion you tend to agree with him.

Solution: Try to be objective and think of what is best for the team.

7. I know everything

We usually think that we know everything that’s good for the team and then subjectively take decisions. Don’t fall for it.

Solution: Look for new information and evidence that support every idea and put subjective thinking aside. You also may learn something along the way.

Have you made some of these mistakes? Now it’s the time to start looking for a solution and to improve your team working skills.

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Image: Shockerz Lee

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