These days we hear about motivation all the time. We want motivation in life, at work and even for children at school. And we always take for granted that the motivation must come from the outside. Motivate me to do something! Seems to be everyone’s motto, but… where is self-motivation?

The ability to ‘motivate’ ourselves is something innate, but it has to be trained and fed. In life, we shouldn’t waste our time waiting for anyone to come to our rescue. As mothers around the world usually tell their teenage kids, ‘it’s better done than ordered’. Wanting to see something finished should be more than enough to motivate us and drive us to action, without needing to be constantly entertained or over-stimulated.

5 tips to stay self-motivated

  1. Let inspiration find you working. As Picasso once said, ‘inspiration exists, but it has to find you working’. Don’t wait until ‘it comes to you’ or until ‘you feel like doing it’. Get to work and what you do will simply improve step by step.
  2. Roma wasn’t built in a day, and you don’t need to break any project-finishing record. When planning your goals, be realistic. Make weekly calendars with what you want to achieve. Start by taking care of the smallest and easiest tasks, and discover the incredible pleasure you can get from finishing them and ticking them off your to-do list.
  3. Because you’re worth it. You are the most important element in the development of your project, don’t ever forget it. Give yourself a reward whenever you achieve any goal. Treat yourself and go to the cinema on your own or buy that dessert you love. You will feel great and on top of that, your self-esteem will increase.
  4. Music is the most powerful fuel. Sportspeople and Human Resources Directors know it very well. Doing the most mechanical tasks, like checking your e-mail, or those that have a really tight deadline may be a real torture. In such cases, there’s nothing like an energising and fast-paced music to make you speed up. Trust us: play that album that always lifts your mood and, suddenly, you’ll have finished your task without having even realised you were working.
  5. Don’t worry, be happy. To reach any goal, it is very important to be motivated from the very beginning and to stay positive throughout the whole development of the project. Be your own personal coach and cheer yourself up with sentences like: ‘I’m going to get it’, ‘This is going to be my best project ever’ or ‘I’m going to do it so well that I will be amazingly proud of myself’.

As you can see, you must exercise self-motivation and always with the most positive attitude. Don’t forget that in life you always need to take the first step to getting to your destination. Start moving and you’ll find that the more time you devote to train your self-motivation, the least effort you’ll need to finish your projects successfully.


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