The Internet of Things (IoT), that trend that seemed to be something from the future, is now in our lives. We all have some wearable or smartphone that allows us to improve by quantifying different aspects of our life.

We usually see what advantages this kind of devices and apps bring us, but we hardly ever are aware of the risks they can mean to our security. Loss of data, malware infections, non-authorised access to personal data, illegal surveillance of users, the sale of information to third parties without any consent, etc. These are only a few of the problems identified by the European authorities of Data Protection.

The European Union warns

Against this situation, the EU has drafted its opinion where it warns about the vulnerability of this type of technology and the lack of sufficient security measures. Besides, it provides with a series of recommendations to companies operating in this sector.

Its main target is contributing to the uniform protection of personal data in the IoT and in related technologies, as well as contributing to the development of high data protection as a fundamental right of citizens.

Security and competitiveness

As stated by the EU, providing with protection and security measures needed to guarantee data protection requires a strong competitive advantage for companies. ‘Organisations setting data protection and security as one of their priorities when developing their products will make sure that their products and services fulfil the principles of privacy and that they are equipped with measures that guarantee the privacy expected by European Union citizens.’

Users must have full control over their personal data throughout the life of the product and, when consent is used as the base of the process, it must be properly reported, freely accepted and specific.

Device and applications developers (and also developers of any product or service) have the responsibility to guarantee the security of our users and to report them all the time what we do with their personal data. At Kiply security, that is a priority and we are deeply aware that our service would have no sense without it. That’s why already more than 300 users place their trust in us.

Translation by Pablo Velázquez

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Image: Stephan Geyer

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