We all need recognition for well-done jobs. Not only we need recognition from the company we work for or from our clients, but we also need to give ourselves some recognition when we reach some of our goals.

Working is important, but it’s also important to know how to enjoy the feeling of a well-done job. That’s why it is good for you to get yourself a little reward for having reached the targets set. Thinking about it will encourage you to perform better.

Little rewards, big results

A reward doesn’t need to be a great prize. Little ones will also get you to improve your personal productivity. It just has to be something nice that you want to do. This little gesture will reinforce your attitude when you reach your goals or when you do all the tasks scheduled for that day.

When you take a look at your work schedule, establish a reward that you’ll obtain if you manage to do everything you had decided to do. For instance, buy a coffee, take a break a little longer than usual or treat yourself at the weekend. You deserve it!

Visualization and motivation

Once you establish the reward you’ll get when you reach your goals, visualize yourself enjoying it. That will keep you encouraged and will fill you with energy to face any challenge.

If you are too self-demanding, you’ll end up frustrated, so be realistic when planning your goals. Despite the reward being great, if you set yourself an unreachable set of tasks, your motivation will drop considerably.

It is important not to get yourself the reward before actually finishing the task. Otherwise, you’ll lose the motivation of reaching your goals. Reinforce your positive habits thanks to Kiply and learn how to improve both your personal and professional life. You’ll become your own personal productivity coach. The reward? Success!

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Image: Philippe Put

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