In another post, we have already talked about the possibilities that Big Data offers when establishing a meritocracy at work. In this case, we’ll talk about how we can apply Big Data to recruiting process of Human Resources departments.

In these departments, decision-making is normally based on subjective data or just on simple intuition. Big Data also means saying goodbye to assumptions and welcoming objective data. Decision-making and managing of Human Resources departments become an objective, methodical and meticulous thanks to Big Data.

From intuition to objective data

As Alicia Pomares states, one of the main changes Big Data brings to Human Resources management is identification and talent recruitment. Thanks to data, a company can learn where to spot talent and, what’s more important, it can learn how to recruit it.

The information that Big Data can provide about the candidates involves skills, experience, personality or even information about their hobbies and lifestyle. These data will show us the best candidates for a job offer based on their compatibility to the job position.

Big Data analyses and filters the CVs in the market so the selection process of a company can be improved and speeded up. Of course, always ensuring the candidates’ security and privacy.

In fact, there are already companies such as SaberrEvolv or Kanck , which are elaborating projects in these matters. How do these tools work? They work similarly to the algorithms used by dating websites which look for compatibility among users.

Data and people

It’s not about replacing people with data. The selection goes beyond that. When it comes to people, predictions are not easy and data may change quickly. Big Data won’t replace Human Resources departments but it will be a great assistance during the selection process.

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