You more surely found this familiar. You are at work and take a look at the endless list of unfinished tasks. You choose one and start working but don’t manage to make any progress. Then you choose another one being sure this time you’ll progress. This goes on and on but your day at work comes to an end and you haven’t finished one single task. This feeling you have that you are not able to focus no matter what and regardless the cups of coffee you take may be a symptom that you are doing something wrong.

At Kiply we want for those frustrating days when nothing goes as planned to end. Next, we provide with some recommendations that not only will improve your professional performance but also they will increase your quality of life.

  1. Sleep at least 7 hours. A lack of sleep will have a bad effect on your concentration and it causes your performance to decrease considerably. Besides, it also has an impact on your mood, which determines your attitude towards the different situations you have to face. Remember that sleeping good not only means resting, but it also means assimilating and processing all you have learned during the day.
  2. Organise your tasks into a hierarchy. Organise your time depending on what type of job you have. You need to face first the most difficult tasks as you’ll be more productive and your brain won’t be so tired. Leave for the end of the day the more simple ones; it will be more difficult then to concentrate as you’ll be more tired. You can make use of technology to do that: look for apps that help you organise your time and improve.
  3. Take small breaks. 10 minutes breaks will allow you to disconnect and forget about work for a while. Relax, eat or drink something to recharge your batteries and use that time to be with your partners. There is no better thing that laughing to recover your energy.
  4. Separate your work from your personal life. Try not to take home your work, otherwise, you won’t be able to disconnect when you are at home. If you do your best at work you’ll return home without worrying about unfinished tasks and then you’ll be able to enjoy your time with friends and family.
  5. Save some time for yourself. Feeling good about yourself is essential to your performance. Something we have to learn how to say no to everything else and save some time for ourselves. Don’t hesitate and spend some time practising some sport, going for a walk or reading a good book.

We don’t have a magic solution for you to give your best at work every day, but you most certainly will reduce the number of days you feel frustration at work if you follow our advice. That frustration will be replaced by the satisfaction of having done a good job.

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Image: David Joyce

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