The Quantified-self movement had an impact on many aspects of our life. We have the ability to measure almost everything and to comprise our life into data that represents our behaviour. The labour market wouldn’t stay aside, that’s why companies are increasingly using QS in order to encourage the employees to be committed and to improve their performance and productivity.

In ‘From the Quantified-self to the Quantified Workplace’, Jacob Morgan analyses how technology has changed the way we work and how it has an influence in the variables that rule the satisfaction and commitment of professionals.

Quantified-self has arrived in the office

The same way we keep track of the kilometres we run in order to improve day by day, why don’t we do the same at our job? Implementing Quantified-self concepts at work helps us to better understand how we work and, therefore, to improve and get better every day.

These benefits are even greater if talking about a knowledge worker who spends most of the time at work using electronic devices such as PC’s, smartphones or tablets.

Wearables and sensors play an important role in automatically quantifying different parameters of our work. Thanks to them we can measure the goals we have set for ourselves and know when we are more productive.

By using QS we can set our objectivesmeasure and keep track of our progress in order to improve and learn about ourselves. Besides, the possibility of sharing our data with our partners provides with the transparency needed to get recognition and meritocracy.

We can never forget about the ultimate goal of quantification: learning about ourselves in order to be better. It’s not only about measuring, continuous improvement comes from properly taking advantage of the use we make of Quantified-self at work.

All in all, it’s about learning safely and with privacy about ourselves. That is why more companies increasingly use Quantified-self to encourage their employees’ welfare and constant improvement and, therefore, the prosperity of the company itself.

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Imagen: Seattle Municipal Archives

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