Managing a business could take all your time and energy. That’s why many entrepreneurs are using Quantified-self and this way improving their efficiency. Although they use it mainly because they need to and not because they are interested, entrepreneurs realize that self-tracking can be the solution to many of their daily problems.

If you are also an entrepreneur, take a look on some of the aspects that Quantified-self helps you improving:

  1. Time management. Time is usually very limited, so correctly managing it is essential for you to pay proper attention to all the important aspects of your business. Time management methods and applications can help you with this.
  2. Sleeping. A good night sleep is the basis of good performance. There are numerous apps in the market that help you monitor your sleep so you make the most out of it.
  3. Health and sports. Being healthy, fit and regularly practising sports improves your wellbeing and has also an effect on productivity. There are many new apps and wearables that help you monitor your physical exercise.
  4. Stress. Stress is, without a doubt, a faithful companion to entrepreneurs. Knowing how to measure it, manage it and fight it back is essential to your wellbeing.
  5. Finance. Taking control of your incomes and your expenses is critical for your company to work. If you don’t know where from your money is flying away, Quantified-self can help you improving your personal finances.
  6. Team management. This is maybe the greatest challenge of any company. Thanks to apps you can get your team to be encouraged and get to know at any time and from any place how your projects progress.
  7. Productivity habits. Spotting harmful habits and trying to change them is hard, but Quantified-self can help you better know which aspects you must improve and actually help you improving them.

Personal productivity for entrepreneurs

If you are looking for a unique tool, Kiply is exactly what you need. Thanks to our app you will not only be able to know how and in what you spend your time, but also you will get to manage your teams and to acquire new habits perfect for you. Kiply adapts to what you really need and offers you advice so you improve according to your true needs. Also, you can use the information about your physical exercise through wearables. This way you can know how your health affects your productivity.

Are you going to miss the opportunity to improve? Download Kiply for free and start knowing yourself and improving your personal productivity from the beginning.

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