Some things like time, money or calories can be easily measured. But there are other aspects of our life that are intangible and, therefore, it’s much harder to put them into numbers. Can we measure creativity? If the answer is yes, how do we do it?

In a context where Quantified-self allows us to keep track of almost all our activity, creativity is still an unknown territory. Although some experiments are already being made in order to measure and quantify creativity, the breakthroughs are near to non-existent. The first obstacle we find it in the very definition of what we know as creativity and the factors that delimit it.

Although some may think that measuring goes against the concept of productivity and the freedom needed for new ideas to come up, Quantified-self can help us improve our creativity or, at least, to encourage it. As Marcin Kowry go states, Quantified-self can quantify ‘the various mental strategies, mental changes, supplements and mental stimulation techniques and ultimately measure the results’.

We all have had one of those days when everything seems to go smoothly when we are inspired and ideas come to our mind without really knowing why. Maybe if we knew the factors that have an impact on our physical and mental state ( the hour of the day, mood, physical activity, diet, etc.) we would have the ability to repeat those patterns that generate the exact combination that allows creativity to take place.

Although there already are some apps that help us encourage our creativity such as BrainSqueezerBrainStorming Canvas, Create-o-Mat or Rainbow Idea, none of them is still able to measure it. Quantified-self is not the magic formula for ideas to come to our mind, but it can help us create the proper context for ideas to come up. The same way, we can learn and optimize the habits that have a positive impact on our creativity. Without a doubt, creativity and every intangible thing that affects human beings are one of the greatest challenges Quantified-self will have to face in the future.

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