Making lists with all the tasks you still haven’t done is not enough. You also have to prioritise them. Spend some time every day evaluating the work you still have to do and organising it according to your goals. If you don’t really need to do something, take it out of your list. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed by an endless list of tasks you don’t even know how to face.

Trying to do too many tasks at the same time will only make us perform poorly. Also, we’ll end up starting thousands of things but we will not actually finish any of them. So you have to prioritise your tasks and face them one by one. Don’t start with the next one without having finished the previous one.

How do I choose my tasks?

simple method may help us sift our unfinished tasks. Stop for a minute and spend some time thinking and evaluating each activity. This way you’ll save time in the long run. When facing a task, make yourself these questions:

  1. Is it important? In order to know if a task is really helping you reach your goals, you have to make a difference between urgent and important.
  2. What’s the deadline? Perhaps the task is really important but you have much time to do it. So focus on those that have closer deadlines.
  3. Can anyone else do it? If you can delegate it to someone else, do it. This way you’ll have more time to do all the things only you can do.
  4. Which one of my priorities is the most important one? If after sieving you still have many tasks on top of your list, decide which one is more important and get to it. Don’t start another one until you finish it.

Forget about all the tasks that don’t adjust to these parameters. They are not important, so they can wait. You’ll get to it when the really important one is already done and you have some spare time.

In the end, it’s about you having the ability to prioritise your work so that every activity you spend your time on leads you to accomplishing your strategic goals. Focusing your attention on what’s really important is the key to success.

Translation by Pablo Velázquez

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Image: Evan Blaser

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