Every September we set new goals for ourselves. And one of our favourites is practicing sports. Being fit is the objective, but its benefits go beyond simple physic wellbeing: it also can be a unique way to improve your productivity.

Sports and motivation

Every time we practice sports our body produces endorphins, hormones responsible for the feeling of wellbeing. Sports allow you to get rid of stress, as well as to disconnect and clear your mind. That way, when you go back to work you’ll see things differently and you’ll take better decisions and we’ll be more creative. This will have an impact on your personal productivity and also on your organisation.

Due to exercise we beat ourselves and become more motivated, while teaches us how to be constant and to adopt positive routines and habits. So confirms it a study about the effects of physical exercise on work productivity and wellbeing: participants practicing sports manifested larger levels of satisfaction towards life and work, less stress and obtained a higher recognition of their working performance.

Benefits to employees and organisations

Improving our physical condition is a way of preventing occupational diseases, mainly those related to common positions at the office. A study carried out by Universidad Europea de Madrid proves that practicing physical exercise increments muscular strength and reduces the possibility to have musculoskeletal disorders such as a backache.

The previous is not only good to employees, but also to companies. In fact, according to a report from the University of California, companies encouraging the practice of sports among their employees reduce by 30% absenteeism caused by physical and mental disorders. Also, if sports come along using wearables to monitor the activity, absenteeism could be reduced even more.

Although after leaving your office you feel like you only want to rest, make a little effort. Making of sports a habit will only take you a few days, but you will see how you’ll be facing professional challenges with more energy. It may be difficult at first, but afterwards, you won’t be able to live without it.

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