One of the most exciting qualities of human beings is their constant will of personal improvement and their necessity of dealing with and overcoming new challenges. At work, in personal life or in each new project, we constantly face several challenges.

How can self-tracking help us?

Self-tracking or self-monitoring is a technique that uses technology to compile data on different aspects of our day-to-day and then to apply them to different aspects of our business or our personal and professional lives.

Getting to now yourself is key to overcoming difficulties and to reach personal satisfaction. The more information about ourselves we handle, the better we will react to the obstacles we fin along the way and, therefore, it’ll be easier for us to reach our goals. Self-knowledge is a benefit to different aspects of our life; from physical exercise and training to our personal and professional lives.

Our worst enemy is the indifference and apathy that we come across over the years. Keeping record of our activity also allows us to be encouraged in order to improve every day. What if tomorrow I run one more mile? What if I reschedule my agenda so I waste less time due to unproductive meetings? The right motivation encourages professional development, decision-making, good management and resource optimization.

In order to be encouraged it is also essential to set challenges and goals that help us keep going, improve and obtain the recognition we all need. Having short and long-term goals eases up the process of improvement. Reaching such goals little by little builds up the confidence we need.

Kiply provides all these ingredients so you can have the perfect combination that helps you improve your productivity. Thanks to direct access to data about your activity, you will be able to know when exactly to perform better and when you are more productive. Also, thanks to personalised advice, you will have a personal productivity coach that will show you what you should improve and how. Kiply: simple, fun and safe.

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