We’re launching new Kiply functionalities! As an answer to your demands, it is now possible to edit cards. Moreover, we have made their creation easier and more intuitive. Keep on reading and discover all the innovations.

Editing cards with just one click

If you want to change anything after saving a card, you no longer have to create it again to do so. Now you can edit as many times as you need all the values of existing parameters: change the name, the deadlines and goals, and add or delete activities. So, you can adapt each card to your work style and to any unforeseen events that may arise on a day-to-day basis.

The way cards are created has changed too. You can customize each card through a much more intuitive and simple interface. Decide how you want to view your activity and sort your search results by relevance or alphabetically so that you can find what you want more easily.

create Kiply card

Apart from setting dates and goals, in the new version you have variable predefined deadlines to measure your activity. Choose the ones that better suit your needs: the last seven days, the last month, since you installed Kiply… To help you view more clearly what you’re spending your time on, the info on your card will be continuously updated according to the deadline you have selected.

And much more

When you access Kiply you will see that something has changed in the Activity section. Now your cards are grouped into collections (Favourites and My cards). Add to Favourites the ones you’re most interested in by clicking on the ‘heart’ displayed when passing the mouse over the card. The Favourites collection is opened by default every time you access Kiply so that you can have the most important info on hand at any time.

kiply favorites

With this new version, you can also duplicate cards. You don’t need to create a new card if you already have a similar one. With just one click, you can copy and edit it later to make any change you may need.

Give it a try!

Go to Kiply and start discovering all the innovations. We have created a Help section where we explain how to use Kiply step by step. And, in case you get lost, you can always contact us through the chat box.

Is there any specific functionality that you would like us to include in the next version? Make a suggestion and help us improve Kiply.

Translation by Susana Castro.

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