One of the biggest challenges modern companies may face is to be able to motivate team members and collaborators to get more positive results in everything they do.

Motivation is the energy that makes any human being start working and drives them to action. When facing any challenge, our feelings are key to our behaviour: if we see the situation as something negative, it will make us anxious and we’ll make more mistakes; if we feel positive about it, our performance will improve amazingly.

5 strategies to motivate team members

One of the latest and most effective trends in project management is to build highly-motivated teams. Here are 5 strategies that may help you present the tasks as part of a collective game and boost your employees’ motivation:

  • Build optimistic teams. In every group, there are different personality types, each person having their own abilities and skills. Human Resources departments must try to balance work teams based on every member’s skills and their ability to think positively. Never forget that optimism and energy are contagious.
  • Split the Project into stages and celebrate its achievement. Even though there will be a final goal, you should divide the project into different phases that could be considered as the levels you have to overcome. Once you get those intermediate goals, celebrate it with your team.
  • Highlight what you’ve already achieved. When designing any kind of material to view the progress of the project, you should always highlight its positive aspects: where you are, goals achieved, new ideas, etc.
  • Forget about the clock until you reach your goal. Neither every task takes the same time, nor does every employee behave equally when facing the same challenge. This doesn’t mean that some are better than the others; they’re just different. Make them feel that what matters most is to get to the goal in the best possible condition, not at the same time and without energy.

Dare to put these pieces of advice into practice and motivation will become your best ally.

Image by Jeff Djevdet

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