Nowadays, we spend more time with our colleagues at the office than with our families at home. So it is really important to have the best time possible during all those hours. We must be able to create a healthy environment that will help us encourage habits that will boost both our mental and physical wellbeing. This will then result in a better cognitive performance, therefore a greater productivity at work.

Mood food: cooking for happiness

Undoubtedly, “we are what we eat”, so we must not take our diet for granted when the circumstances force us to eat at the office.

Although it has an English name, the Mood Food movement first appeared in Japan. Basically, Mood food followers base their diet decisions on foods that improve human beings’ mood. Moreover, these foods also increase our energy levels and help us enhance our memory and concentration capacity.

Superfoods in the kitchen

Some of the greatest allies of every healthy diet are the so-called ‘superfoods‘. These foods boost our endorphins and many other neurotransmitters production and improve our cognitive performance, the quality of our sleep, memory, etc.

Here are some good habits that will make your office a friendly place for health and fitness:

  • Provide healthy snacks. Have a bowl with fresh fruit for everybody. The next time they feel a little hungry, healthy eats will be within arms’ reach.
  • Get rid of ready-made food. Instead of those products, fill your vending machines with healthy alternatives such as dried fruit and nuts, natural juices, or fresh salads with avocado and red fruits.
  • Make a weekly eating calendar. Let people write down the days they’re going to eat at the office and their meal preferences. You can make a deal with a local catering company for them to bring you healthy menus based on Mood Food, with natural ingredients such as olive oil, garlic, fish, and whole-grain cereals.
  • Order healthy menus. When working long hours, you can order a healthy menu including fish like cod or sardines, and vegetables. And if you want a dessert, chocolate is always a must to get in a good mood.

Don’t forget that almost everything in life is contagious, including healthy habits. If you want your employees to improve their mood and productivity, encourage an energising environment and congratulate everyone on bringing Mood Food to work!

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