Having the right business intelligence tools is essential for a company to be able to make the best out of data and information that it generates. It’s important both for standing out from its competitors as for improving the wellbeing of its workers and, therefore, productivity.

The expansion of mobile devices in the last years has made of them an essential tool not only in our daily lives but also to business intelligence to develop. Mobile business intelligence uses this technology for workers to have access to information about the company wherever and whenever they need to.

The need of automation, online analysis and teleworking has become important elements for modern business intelligence. And, with it has also appeared an increasing demand for business intelligence technological systems that works according to the company’s strategic objectives.

Mobile access to business intelligence apps is usually done in two ways:

  1. By accessing the web page app through the mobile device search engine
  2. Through an app designed for a specific operating system

Regardless the way, mobile business intelligence is one of the aspects that has developed the most within the software industry. It attracts numerous users and is gaining ground among leader organisations and executives around the globe. The reason behind all this is simple: the frenetic world of business and team management needs to have real-time access to information and under request.

Brad Peters, Birst’s CEO, states that ‘mobile business intelligence is not anymore just something good to have, but it’s quickly becoming the main way users demand to consume analysis’. What makes of mobile business intelligence attractive is that it can be used at any time and from any place.

In the nowadays market there are tools like Kiply that adapt to workers and their need for information in real time regardless their field of activity. Managing information about your company and teams has never been easier.

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Image: Paul Hocksenar

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