Sometimes big projects can be overwhelming. We think about all the work we have to do and we are afraid not to be able to face all the challenges ahead. So instead of taking some time to think and plan, we let ourselves be carried away by procrastination and start postponing again and again.

The result? We focus on more achievable less important things and end up facing that big project on the last minute when the deadline is too close. That not only levels up our stress and considerably worsens our life standards, but it also has an impact on the quality of our work. If that feeling sounds familiar, keep reading and find out about the really simple and effective solution we have for you.

Divide and rule

You can’t get all the work done in just one day, so it’s better for you to plan your work. Study the project, the resources your need and the time you have to get it done. Once you have done that, divide the project into small tasks and face each one separately. 

That way you’ll face achievable tasks all the time and, little by little, you’ll make progress without feeling the pressure of having to face a big project. That thing that seemed impossible to get done is now much more reachable and you are much more encouraged as you see progress in your goals.

Get everything organised and be realistic

Plan those tasks for that days and hours when you are more productive and are more focused. Be realistic and don’t set yourself too ambitious goals. It’s better trying to split the work into a number of days than trying to do it all in little time and end up modifying all your planning. For instance, spend one hour a day to that project and set daily goals.

Not only you’ll see how you gradually make progress, also you won’t feel overwhelmed from working excessive hours in the same thing and so you’ll see things from a different perspective. Suddenly you’ll realize that big project that seemed impossible is now finished and you’ll be much less stressed, more encouraged and the quality of your work will increase.

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