The term ‘guru’ makes reference to a person with the power to influence a group of specialists of a certain discipline. This ability to stand out of the majority and to be able to see what others can’t is, basically, what makes these individuals special. Next, we show you some of the main gurus of productivity, shall we try some of their advice?

Timothy Ferris

Since he was a boy in East Hampton (Nueva York), Timothy Ferris was an ambitious kid that grew up to become an author, an entrepreneur and an orator.

Ferris has been described by New York Magazine as ‘this generation’ self-help guru’. He has become globally famous because of his book The 4-Hour Workweek, where he states that we should change the way we understand a working day.

Timothy Ferris encourages creativity and particularly emphasises taking risks and having the right attitude for businesses. According to him, we should stop postponing the difficult decisions of our lives as there are no reasons to wait but too many to act. ‘I discourage passive scepticism, which is the armchair variety where people sit back criticise without ever subjecting their theories or themselves to real field testing.’

David Allen

David is a 69 years old personal development coach and productivity consultant. Thanks to a very diverse CV where he worked from magician to salesman, including personal coaching, David Allen has great knowledge bases. He owns his own company focused on productivity, action management and coaching.

He has developed a time management method known as GTD (Getting Things Done) and his company is specialised on productivity tools that help individuals and companies to better manage their time thanks to five steps:

  1. Capture: it compiles everything you need to remember, do or follow
  2. Clarify: it establishes an order when processing your tasks
  3. Organize: it organizes the different elements you need to pay attention to
  4. Reflect: it frequently goes through your tasks
  5. Engage: it simplifies the organization process and acts.

David Allen is considered to be the founder of the modern concept of productivity. His methods have been embraced by thousands of tools that help us manage our time and job.

Craig Jarrow

Jarrow is a time management guru that thinks of his method as a way to help to win the battle against time wasting, lack of organization and disorder, among others. In his Time management ninja, Craig Jarrow helps individuals and organisations to learn habits, abilities and tools that encourage people to take control. His time management techniques help people to take the lead of their professional and personal lives. He makes use of a great sentence with his clients: ‘If your time management system requires a flowchart, it is probably too complicated for everyday use.’

What can we learn?

All these gurus emphasise the value of time management in order to improve productivity, of learning and of our ability to improve as key elements to overcoming our obstacles. Besides, all of them believe in self-help techniques both in our personal and professional life. So, now that you know all this, give Kiply a chance. You are only one click away from having your own productivity guru inside your smartphone.

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Image: Michael Arrighi

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