Quantified-self technologies offer us constant information about ourselves. We have all kind of devices to measure and also technologies that tell our mind how to get an enhanced body. But, in this process, we have forgotten about the wisdom our body keeps inside. Some QS’ trends claim that the time has come to listen to our body again.

Linda Stone believes that both data and mind have turned our body into its victim and slave. We are increasingly getting away from the wisdom our body has to offer and we are listening only to numbers instead of also listening to our body. We believe data help us give sense to our lives and that teach us more about ourselves than our feelings.

That’s why Stone suggests using Essential Self technologies that help harmoniously combine data, mind and body. Data provide us with useful information about ourselves, but what they don’t tell us or we cannot measure is how we feel when producing such data. ‘Factors that contribute to generating certain numbers are not and cannot be easily collected’.


Stone believes in passive and non-invasive technologies that work as tools to help us keep our personal essence. ‘Essential Self’ technologies help us connect our body and mind so both work in a harmonious way. Some of the examples of these Essential Self technologies Linda Stone talks about are:

  1. JustGetFlux. 8 million people have already downloaded this app that modifies the light coming from your computer depending on the moment of the day: warm at night and similar to the sun’s light during the day. This way, f.lux helps you keep your biological rhythm, sleep better and it also makes your work in front of the computer a lot easier.
  2. Focus@will. This app combines neuroscience, music and technology to figure out what kind of music help you concentrate. It has at your disposal a carefully selected music library so your brain keeps focused.

‘Essential Self’ technologies not only measure our mood or how we feel, the most important thing is that it also helps us modify it and improve it. People are realizing that counting is just something else we can do and that the essential is getting to know how we feel in order to eventually reach our wellbeing.

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Image: Joi Ito

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