Knowmads are the new talents and recruiting them is one of the key tasks of HR departments in any company. According to Howard Gardner, there are different kinds of intelligence and the best companies are those which are able to involve and enhance them all. Most of us are very skilled in more than one area, and we can always work on those that we’re not so good at. Knowmads know it, and take advantage of the opportunities provided by all networks and the knowledge at their disposal.

A knowmad’s basic characteristics

As Stephen Collins states in his famous I am Knowledge Worker 2.0., knowmads feel that “their workplace has no walls and the world is their meeting room.”

Some of their main qualities are:

  • They enjoy their work. They don’t see it as an obligation but as an enjoyable activity.
  • They are creative and innovative. They are capable of connecting knowledge, solving all sorts of problems and generating new ideas.
  • They use, create and share information freely.
  • They are present in social networks and are tech savvy. They even know about sites, apps and devices that they rarely use.
  • They never stop learning, which gives them a great ability to adapt to any environment and workplace.

As you can see, ‘knowmads’ are the new talents and possess many of the basic skills required by companies. Today’s business world is constantly changing, so you better evolve with it or you’ll become obsolete.

Evolution of work: from ‘doing things’ to ‘knowing things’

Thanks to its continuous search for information, knowmads are great at connecting ideas and are able to solve problems from a creative and innovative approach. Moreover, they can become the best knowledge managers within a company. Here are three areas in which a knowmad could be the key:

  • Communication. Thanks to their personal skills and knowledge, knowmads are great communications managers.
  • Innovation. Whenever we develop a project, we need to get the best professionals involved in it, but also those workers who are able to see everything from different perspectives.
  • Training. A knowmad will always try to develop their own potential talents, and companies should be willing to help. This will certainly result in the collective success.

If you didn’t know the term ‘knowmad’, don’t worry. Maybe you’re one of them, but you just didn’t know. And if you’ve just found out that you fit the profile, you’re in luck, because Kiply can become your best support. It can help you develop your own potential, both personally and professionally, to the maximum.

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