It’s Christmas time in Kiply and we want to celebrate it with an email for our users. Every Monday you’ll recieve a Kiply weekly report in your inbox. In this report you can clearly see in which activities you have spent your time during the week to understand how you’ve worked.

What can you see in your weekly report?

Every Monday you’ll recieve an email from Kiply in which you can see all your activity in your devices, as well as the files and applications you’ve used the most. Furthermore, you can see your evolution during the week and compare with the previous one. We also attach your logs so that you can make a more exhaustive analysis in case you need it.


Time distribution

In this graphic you can visualize how you have distributed your total time of the week between the different categories (browsers, analysis, communication, programming…). This way, you can see which activities have consumed most of your time and see your progress compared to the previous week.

Kiply weekly report

Most used files and URL

Discover the three files and URLs you have spend more time on during the week and the hole time you have worked on each of them. Discovering which projects take most of your time is now easier.


Weekly evolution

Know how many hours you have worked with your devices every day of the week and compare them with your activity in the previous week. Visualize your evolution and understand how you manage your time every day.

Kiply weekly report

Of course, if you need more detailed information you only have to go to your Kiply panel and create new cards (from the catalogue or make your own) to measure exactly what you need.

Don’t you recieve your Kiply weekly report yet?

Install Kiply in your computer, start automatically measuring your activity and discover what you spend your time on. If you don’t know exactly how to do it, we explain you how to download and install the desktop application in our help page.


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