‘What do our users need?’ This question is constantly around on our day-to-day. So two months ago we decided to stop wasting time trying to figure it out and we asked you directly. Thanks to your answers to the survey, now we know what Kiply features are of most use to you. This is what you have chosen:

Functionalities ranking

We asked you to rate the level of usefulness of each feature on a rating scale of 1-5, where 1 was ‘of little use’ and 5 was ‘very useful’.

  1. Notifications system (4,22) Kiply will become your personal assistant and will send you a notification whenever you are about to achieve any of your goals or meet your deadlines. Besides, it will give you practical tips to help you improve and to better manage your time.
  2. Teams (3,5) Build teams with your partners and create joint projects. Set goals and view in just one card all the aggregated data from both your team and individual progress. This way, you will know the total amount of time you devote to each client or project.
  3. Kiply for Android (3,5) Know how and what you spend your time on while using your Android mobile phone or tablet (phone calls, use of apps, messages…). You will view all your devices information aggregated in a single place and will have an overall view of the time you have devoted to each one of your projects.
  4. Meetings (3,44) Apart from knowing how much time you spend working on your devices, with Kiply Meetings you will also find out how much time you spend on meetings thanks to beacons and your mobile phone or smartwatch.
  5. Share cards (2,83) Share your achievements with your friends (blog, social networks, e-mail…) and inform your clients about the actual time devoted to each project.

We also asked you about the specific plugins that we are developing to integrate Kiply with different applications for you to know in detail what you spend your time on. Integrating Kiply with email apps is a priority to 56% of you, whereas CRM and Adobe are a priority to 22%.

Catalog cards

  1. Weekly progress (83%): Find out how you progress day by day throughout the week.
  2. Task ranking (78%): Ranking of the ten tasks you devote more time to during the day/week.
  3. Searches (44%): Find out how much time you spend searching for files so you can know if you are well organised.
  4. Checking email (39%): Know how often you check your email.
  5. Most visited websites (33%): Ranking of the websites you spend more time on each day/week.

We’re all hands on deck! So stay tuned because pretty soon you’ll be able to use these new Kiply functionalities to improve your productivity.

Haven’t you done your bit yet? Please, answer the survey and tell us what features you would like us to include in Kiply. Thanks for helping us create the new Kiply! 🙂

Translation by Susana Castro.

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