Kiply team has received great news: we have been selected to participate in the Web Summit 2016! Don’t you know what it is? It is Europe’s largest technology marketplace and it will take place in Lisbon from November 7th to November 10th. During those four days, the Portuguese capital city will become the meeting point for the world’s most cutting-edge technology promoters: leading companies (Google, Facebook, Dropbox or Amazon), highly-regarded speakers, great investors, international media and the most promising startups (Spotify, Uber or Stripe) will get together in an event that will be key to the tech industry development. And Kiply is going to be there!!

Web Summit Prospects

We will be at the Web Summit 2016 along with other 20 Spanish companies, such as Secr SecureWorldCooBillinInnoCVLeanXcaleSemminerFundingBoxKeychn or Tatchi. All of them will display their latest innovations and state-of-the-art products. Undoubtedly, it will be an event where there will be plenty of chances to help us all grow both as developers and companies:

  • Diffusion and Promotion. We will be able to present our work and products to more than 50,000 attendees coming from 150 different countries. Moreover, the wide international media coverage will let us increase our impact on the world.
  • Investment. The Web Summit will also be the perfect occasion to attract those investors. This will help us keep on improving our products and their functionalities. This way, we will offer a greater quality service to our clients and users, which is always our final goal.
  • Networking. We will get to know other companies and professionals whom we will share knowledge and experience with. This will improve both our organisation and what we are offering to our customers.
  • Learning. We want to learn from the best companies and leaders, from their experience, their achievements and their failures so that we can pull off successful businesses.

To sum up, Lisbon Web Summit 2016 will be a chance to be among the most prominent tech companies and professionals in the world. If you don’t want to miss a thing, be on the lookout for our blog posts because we will be telling about our adventure on them.

We have already started packing for Lisbon 🙂

Translation by Susana Castro.

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