August is always a great time: holidays, beaches, relaxing trips to quiet places… And this year, in Kiply we’ve had some great news before going on holiday: the review made by the Softpedia expert Catalin Chelariu on our new version.

Kiply reviewed by Softpedia

On our Kiply blog we don’t usually write about ourselves, but sometimes it’s worth doing it, like when we have a brand new product like Kiply Backup, when we can announce that you can edit Kiply Cards or when an important website like Softpedia makes a review about us. The truth is –we can’t deny- it has made us feel proud of what we do.

And what have they said about us? Well, not to miss a thing, here is the full text of Catalin Chelariu’s review:

“Keep an eye on how much time you spend performing certain activities, create projects and track your goals, with this nifty application

Staying productive throughout the day is not easy when you consider how many distracting websites and other fun activities can take your mind off more important tasks. Often, you do not even realize how much time is wasted, but there are tools that can help you out in this regard.

One of them is Kiply, a modern-looking application designed to track the amount of time you spend using various applications or browsing certain websites. It can gather data from multiple devices and also allows you to analyze your statistics from a web-based interface.

Intuitive desktop program that comes with a companion web app

First and foremost, you need to create an account before the application can begin recording usage information. You can do this from either the desktop program or the web interface, and it is possible to view the gathered data from any web browser.

However, the desktop application is required if you want to track your activities. It can be installed on any number of devices and can be shut down from the web app remotely.

Get a better understanding of your daily PC usage habits

Once Kiply has been installed, it begins monitoring active applications and records how much time you spend using each of them. Moreover, it is capable of identifying individual web pages and application windows.

You can even create personalized cards that help you manage various projects or make it easier to limit certain activities to a specific number of hours per day.

Streamlined interface that could be improved in a few respects

When it comes to Kiply’s interface, its modern design certainly makes it look great on your desktop, but it does not offer any customization options.

For instance, you cannot resize the cards, place them in a different order or organize them into groups, and there are no alternative card styles to choose from. Also, it would be great if more color themes were available.

All in all, Kiply is a useful application that helps you keep track of the amount of time spent performing various activities. It could do with a few small improvements, but it is a great solution for those looking for a way to increase their overall productivity.”

Not convinced yet? We invite you to download Kiply completely free of charge and check its great advantages and usefulness by yourself. Do it and tell us what you think.

With Softpedia and Kiply there’s no excuse for not being up-to-date as well as more organized and efficient.


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