This month we have developed the automatic updates system for Kiply so the new versions we will launch will be automatically updated. From now on you won’t have to move a single finger to get all the new Kiply innovations and novelties.

What are the advantages of the automatic updates?

  • Up-to-date. You can enjoy the new functionalities as soon as they are available and start to improve your productivity in a fast and easy way.
  • Easy and convenient. Forget about those interruptions and notifications that only get you distracted. With the new automatic updates of Kiply, everything takes place in the background so it will be much more convenient for you.
  • Safe. Thanks to the automatic updates you will always have the latest version on your device. Therefore, you will always have the best security measures and your privacy will be protected with the latest developments.

What do you have to do?

You are just one click away from starting to enjoy the advantages of automatic updates.  Whenever there’s a new version of Kiply you will see a notification asking you to accept the update. Once you agree, all the other updates will be made without you noticing. From now on, if you install Kiply from our web, you will even save that click because updates will be automatically made by default.

Thanks to the automatic updates, every time you access Kiply you will see the new features incorporated for you to make it easier and faster to improve your time management and become a more productive person.

Choose the future features of Kiply

We want our users to choose what steps we will take next. To do so, you just have to fill in a two-minute survey and tell us what novelties you would like us to include in the next version of Kiply. You can choose among several functionalities to be developed as well as select new catalogue cards that you would like to add directly to your panel. Vote in our survey and help us improve.

Translation by Susana Castro.

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Imagen: jonel hanopol

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