Kevin Kelly is considered to be, along with Gary Wolf, one of the fathers of Quantified-Self. As Wired newspaper’s editor and through his personal web page, Kelly talks about diverse topics from cinema and technology, through literature to, of course, QS. Both are the creators of the platform Quantified-Self where different people can tell their experiences regarding self-knowledge.

The origins

When Kevin Kelly published this post in October 2007, he, without even realizing it, was asking the questions that gave birth to one of the greatest phenomena of the last years. In only seven years, QS has grown to become a rising trend in the world of technology, sports and health among others.

Since 2007, Quantified-Self has suffered a fast evolution and, from being a practically unknown term, now it’s present in the media every day. If you want more information about the origins of QS and its evolution, you can watch this interview of Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly.

The key to success is, as Nova Spivack states, that data about ourselves allow us to tell stories in a different way. QS tells our story through data and technology and answers many of the questions about ourselves.

The importance of the ‘I’ and of the individual was already what Kelly brought up in 2007. For him, the answer to who we are is a key element in the way we experience technology nowadays. And thanks to that, we will be able to answer all the big questions about our existence. As Kelly wrote, the true change is within the individuals and through self-knowledge. The truth is not out there but within ourselves. Data tell us what we are and we are the answer.

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Image: New Media Days

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