‘Knowing others well is smart; knowing yourself well is wise’. Einstein’s words perfectly summarise what self-knowledge means to the personal and professional lives of anyone.

Being aware of how we work, when exactly we are more productive and which tasks we can deal with is essential for us to give our best every day. Once we know how to manage our routine, we can set into motion different methods that help us optimise our time.

How can we get to know ourselves better?

Technology gives us the opportunity to get to know ourselves better as we never did before. Thanks to Quantified-self, self-tracking and Big Data we are able to obtain information about us and about the different aspects affecting our daily life.

Usually, we focus on the factors that have an impact on our personal productivity: time management, habits, routines, etc. But we don’t often realise that getting to know ourselves also affects decisively the way we are able to take advantage of our work.

How to make the most out of self-knowledge?

Thanks to Kiply’s weekly report, you can get to know your working habits and also get to know when you are more productive and how you spend your time every day. Pay attention to the days you accomplish all your goals, be aware of your habits and apply them in the next days. Keep those routines that enhance your performance and use our advice to improve the ones that are not really useful.

There are not two people alike and, therefore, not all the methods applied to improve our productivity work in the same way for all of us. You know what’s best for you better than anyone else, so keep your goals in mind, set in motion those useful productivity habits and put aside those that are just obstacles. It’s just a matter of finding the formula that best suits you.

Translation Pablo Velázquez

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