Hybrid vehicles, hybrid offices, hybrid vegetables and animals…The world seems to bet on mixture and diversity, and the workplace couldn’t be less. Currently, some of the most demanded profiles in big companies are those of hybrid professionals.

But, what are hybrid professionals?

Not long ago, specialisation seemed to be the best option to have a promising future, but the labour market has its own laws of evolution. Lately, having just an area of expertise is not enough to be highly-regarded as a professional. In fact, hybrid professionals are here to show that being able to combine information expertise with extensive in-depth knowledge drawn from other professional disciplines is one of the most valuable talents that any professional can offer.

We all have or have had a friend or a teacher able to create amazing connections between completely different topics. They may start a conversation by talking about tadpoles, jump from this subject to the water cycle, do a quick review of the whole history of math and then finish by talking about their love of orchids. And what’s most amazing: all these pieces of loose information form a coherent whole that makes sense when coming out from their mouth. Well, if those people are able to do the same at work, then they just become… hybrid professionals!

Hybrid professionals: experts in connecting disciplines

These days, one of the most valued abilities is that of combining different knowledge and areas of expertise. Everything is connected and Human Resources Departments seem to have found out about it. Mentioning our hobbies or special skills in our CV is not weird anymore. Don’t forget that everything that makes you unique is also what will make you stand out in a job interview.

If you have two degrees that don’t seem to have much in common at first sight; if apart from being an expert on at least one of them, you are also tech savvy and know about things like cloud computing; if you’re up-to-date with the latest trends on financial and business management… congratulations! Most likely, you’re a member of that elite club that’s starting to get all the best jobs in the most cutting-edge companies.


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