Meetings can be one of the main reasons we waste time in our day-to-day at the office. That’s why you need to have a good planning and clear objectives if want your meetings to be effective.

The success of a meeting does not come from the meeting itself. Previous planning and some after-work are necessary for it to be truly productive. We now give you some advice for the meetings with your team stop being a waste of time and become a useful working tool.

Before the meeting

Make a good planning and make sure in advance that the agenda of the meeting is coherent and completely clear. Organise the topics in a hierarchy and follow a top-to-bottom schedule.

Once you have established the agenda, let the rest of the participants know the main topics and goals of the meeting in advance so they have enough time to get ready.

Remember you need to choose an appropriate time for your meeting so it fits everybody and it adjusts to your working hours.

During the meeting

Be punctual and try for everybody else to be so the meeting doesn’t take more time than necessary. Follow the agenda and try it doesn’t last too long by avoiding interruptions and sticking to the topic. Your time and that of your partners’ is very precious.

Meetings are good for making decisions through debate, not to inform everybody else about decisions that have already been taken. So listen to every point of view as all the participants may have something interesting to say. Try for disagreements to be constructive and if you have to refute some opinion make sure you do it in an objective, clear and brief way so your point of view is perfectly understood by everybody.

Draw final conclusions of each one of the topics under debate so your partners help you establish new working objectives.

After the meeting

Evaluate if the goals set in every meeting are actually being accomplished, otherwise, all this would have been for nothing. Bear always in mind that an efficient meeting means that you have to invest on your team’s performance and motivation.

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