In many companies, gamification has become a very important tool when it comes to increasing their employees’ motivation. With every level they get to overcome, they feel one step closer to professional success. Not only does it enhance productivity, but also encourages healthy competition.

There are two essential elements in the process of motivating people through gaming: goals and challenges. All of us have a set of goals in our professional life, either short or long-termed. Setting clear and specific goals is important both at a personal and a team level. Having common goals doesn’t mean that the gamification techniques won’t encourage rivalry among workers. Actually, they are an incentive to improve both individually and collectively, giving shape to employees’ skills. Such techniques let them have a better collaboration with their managers, and encourage the latter to analyse everyone’s professional role and responsibilities more objectively.


Challenges are a way of helping us to get our goals. Everything we achieve takes us one step beyond towards the fulfilment of our objectives. Being focused on them is vital to stay productive at work, and challenges allow us to always bear these objectives in mind. Both goals and challenges help us to stay motivated and also to see how close we actually are to success.

In Kiply, we believe in the essence of competition as a motivator. More and more companies are implementing their own gamification mechanics to boost better performances as well as to guarantee the satisfaction and wellbeing of their employees. Gamification makes any office a much more entertaining and pleasant place to be, but it is also a very useful tool when you don’t want to hear ‘I hate Monday’ anymore.


Translation by Susana Castro.

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